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Qty :- 1 pc / Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Size :- 100ml each

Brand:- Kolourkom

Monomer Colour :- Light Blue / PURPLE

Smell:- Very low

This monomer is suitable with all brands but the drying timing & flow of acrylic may differ with other brand acrylic powder.

we suggest first try with small size monomer with your existing brand acrylic or buy it with kolourkom brand acrylic powder for a better result.



Note :- This video contain old packaging products and now you will receive the products with new packaging.

We also have available prepackaged student kits available with our low odour liquid and special setting powder designed for students to assist in work-ability and learning.


The foundation of our acrylic system. Our fast-setting liquid is the standard in applying acrylics for professionals looking for smooth flow, and fast setting time.

Note* best results if using the same brand polymer & monomer together.

7 Days money back guarantee (Applicable on Kolourkom brand Sample (smallest size / 1 unit) Refund Policy not applicable on any buy & get Free product / Bulk Order / Jumbo size (1000 ml size)


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Available shipping across the India
Delhi-NCR 4-6 days
Other cities 5-10 days
Mizoram & it’s nearly area 7-14 days

All payment options available
COD also available
Free shipping on or above order 2499/-


[] The Porter Service is available for Delhi and NCR only at actual charges. The buyer is responsible for the porter charges. 100% advance payment is a must for this service.

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