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1. If you have nails, you can practice directly on the nails, you can practice nail stickers, crystal nails, phototherapy nails.


2. If you have no nails, you can insert a nail in the gap and practice on the nail.


(There is adhesive on the back of both fingers, you can stick to a fixed place to practice)



1. The finger is sticky. It is more convenient to use ordinary double-sided tape or nail double-sided tape to paste the nail on the fake finger!


2. The fake finger is a good helper for manicure, painting, nail sticking, crystal nail, phototherapy nail and other nail projects. With it, you do n’t need to repeat the exercises on your hands to hurt the jade hands!


3. There are two types of “plug-in” and “non-plug-in”.


① “Non-insertion type” is also known as “adhesive type”. The product itself has a nail surface. It can directly operate nail art items such as painting, and can also be operated on the nail after pasting the nail. Use nail glue or double-sided adhesive.


② The “insertion type” is easy to use, just insert the nail piece into the slit, but the inserted part needs to be treated again


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