Distributor Proposal

We are looking for distributors across the India in each city.

Starting investment is 1.5 Lac for margin details plz read in description.







We really hope you are doing well.

Now we would love to take you on the tour on KOLOURKOM brand –India…..

About Koloukom….

Kolourkom is an Indian based company since 2015, Row Material imports from Malaysia. We are specializing in nail beauty & nail care products – we are now present in more than 32 cities in India from Jammu to Cochin. Now we are planning to establish our distributor network in across India and in neighbor countries. It has been our endeavor to structure the Nail market in India through the right education and uninterrupted supplies of products which has been faced as the major challenge.

We have products for Gel Extension, Acrylic Extension, Nail accessories, Gel Polishes, tools for same, Nail Care & Treatments like cuticle softener & Cuticle oil & Coating Layers from nail primer to top coat.

We provide Nail Bar Setup in all over India Enclosed few Nail Bar setup art work. Package / Kits starting from 12900/- to 90,000. Moreover we have recently introduced the most unique innovative technique in Nail extensions called “Polybase“. Polybase meets all challenges and hurdles faced in the past while doing Nail extensions. USP’s of Polybase Nail extensions are as follows: Low service time of 35 minutes as compared to more than 90 minutes when doing Acrylic/ Gel extensions. No Buffing required – hence no Nail Damage (the major reason for Nails not being popular in India) No skilled technician required – the technique is as simple that any pedicurist can be trained in 2 days. Long lasting – refills / maintenance required after 3 weeks. Removals – very simple, soaked off in artificial product remover, no drill machine required – which damages Nails. The Kolourkom range incorporates the entire bouquet of products to conduct Nail services in a Naturals outlet which include: Home  Care  treatments. 35 minutes  nail  service Gellacqure (Permanent Gel  based Nail  paints)  last  for  3  weeks  without chipping /  smudging. Traditional  Nail  Art  –  Casual,  Party  and  Bridal  wear

Polybase  Nail  extensions Starting offer for  our distributors  –  Terms  &  condition

1.  We  are  giving  distributorship  in  1.5  Lac  (products  investment),  Stock  for  Polybase extension,  Acrylic  extension,  Poly-Gel  Extension,  Gel  Polish &  nail  art.

2. 40,000/-  token  amount  &  80,000/-  at  the  time  of  product delivery  of  1.5  Lac  stock  &  rest 30,000/-  on  20 Days  PDC.  &  future  payments  for  stock  orders  100%  payment  at product delivery.

3.  Benefits on  an  average  margin  of  30%  and  additional  Commission  for  distributors  on Products  sell  invoice  10%,  i.e.  1 Polybase  kit  cost is  12900/-  according  10%  you  will get  1290/-  as  commission  plus  margin  in  average  around  3870/-  so  total  earning  around 5160/-

4.  Free  demo  will  be  distributor’s  side,  company  will  provide  free  demo  kit  of  Polybase  to you.

5.  All  promotion  will  be  company  side, 6.  If  company  will  get  any  Nail  query  in  your  state  or  area,  so  company  will  not  deal  directly, we  will  give  his  query  to  place  his  order.

7.  payment-  will  be  cheque  or  cash  ,  no  any  PDC  at  all  for  future  payment  for  stock order.

If  you  are  looking  serious,  plz  contact for  our  products  price  list

Best  Regards,

Kolourkom Beauty  Solutions 

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