50pcs of 100ml Znail Monomer for acrylic extension

Size:- 100 ml

Brand:- Znail

Qty :- 50 pcs

Note :- For good results kindly use with same brand or with Kolourkom brand Acrylic Powder.

Questions :- What will be the result if use with other brand ?

Answer :- The flow of Setting or dry timing can be up or down as per compair with existing brand already you are using.

Questions :- Will this Monomer has any side-effects on nails?

Answer :- No side-effects on nails.


Note :- No gst input applicable on any bulk item or purchases in bulk category

How to apply

1.) Dip your acrylic brush in your monomer

2.) Use the side of the dappen dish to remove any excess liquid (make sure you have the right amount of liquid in your brush)

3.) Dip your brush into your acrylic powder, and Wait 5/10 secs before placing beads on the tip.

4.) Repeat


Additional information

Weight 1000 g

100ml, 1000ml


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