236 pcs for 1 table setup kit for Acrylic & Gel Extension with Nail art items


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Full setup kit including high quality products offering in very economical budget. This kit is sufficient for 1 table Satup in your studio, or if you required 2 or 3 table setup then you just need to add few equipment tools including this kit.

Professional full setup kit includes Acrylic Extension , Gel Extension, Nail art accessories items, Gel Polish Colours and equipment tools.


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Plz read product full details mentioned in description:-


Qty :- 1 kit for 1 table setup

Items :- 236 pcs

Full setup kit including High quality products offering in this budget.

Professional full setup kit for Acrylic & Gel Extension with Nail art items and Gel Polish Colours

Details mentioned below:-

1unit storage box for kit (as shown in image)

Nail prep & Chemicals

  1. 6pcs Cuticle Oil 12ml (kolourkom)
  2. 1pc Nail Primer 12 ml (kolourkom)
  3. 1pc Nail Dehydrator 12ml (kolourkom)
  4. 1pc Cuticle Softener Gel 12 ml (kolourkom)
  5. 1pc Dampen Dish
  6. 5pcs Nail Glue 3gm (kolourkom)
  7. 1pc Monomer 100 ml (kolourkom)
  8. 1pc Antibacterial cleanser 100 ml (kolourkom)
  9. 1pc Euro Cleaner 100 ml (kolourkom)
  10. 1pc Brush Cleanser 100 ml (kolourkom)
  11. 1pc Non Acetone Remover 100 ml (kolourkom)
  12. 1pc Soak Off Remover 100 ml (kolourkom)
  13. 9 colours of Acrylic Powder 0.5 oz each colour (kolourkom)
  14. 1pc Clear Builder Gel 1. Oz size (kolourkom)
  15. 2pcs of 3d/4d molding gel
  16. 65pcs Colours set of Gel Polish 15ml VU/LED (kolourkom)
  17. 10 wheels for nail art & colour display
  18. 1pc Rubber Base Coat 12ml VU/LED (kolourkom)
  19. 1pc Matte Coat 12ml VU/LED (kolourkom)
  20. 1pc Top Coat 12ml VU/LED (kolourkom)

Nail Art items

  1. 6 colours of Acrylic glitz powder 0.25 Oz each colour (kolourkom)
  2. 10pcs of Nail Art Chrome Powder
  3. 17 pcs of Glitter /Mylar 3 gm approx (kolourkom)
  4. 34 jars of for Rhinestone/studes/3d flowers
  5. 4pcs of Nail art sticker sheet
  6. 1pc Nail art silicon stamper
  7. 1 set of nail art foil 10 sheets

Tools & Equipments

  1. 1 box of Natural C-Curve Locking 500 tips
  2. 1 box of French C-Curve Locking 500 tips
  3. 1 box of Clear C-Curve Locking 500 tips
  4. 1 pkt of toe 550 tips
  5. 1pc of 100% best quality Acrylic Brush
  6. 10pcs of Orange Block Buffer
  7. 20pcs of Banana Filer
  8. 1pc of Dusting Brush
  9. 1pc Nail Machine UV/LED 48 wt (as in image)
  10. 1pc Gel application Brush
  11. 7pcs nail art brushes
  12. 1pc Tip cutter
  13. 1pc Cuticle cutter
  14. 1pc Cuticle pusher
  15. 1pc dotting tool
  16. 1 set of Mini nail drill machine
  17. 1 sheet of Wall Sticker for nail salon*

Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 39 × 32 × 15 cm

5 reviews for 236 pcs for 1 table setup kit for Acrylic & Gel Extension with Nail art items

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sonali Thakur

    Amazing box with good products. good quality.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Riya vaidya

    Good quality and packing was so nice.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Teena Chaudhary

    All the products in the kit was so nice and good quality. Amazing.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Kit products very helpful and packing was so nice.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Awesome products. good work.

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